Thursday, April 9, 2015

Am I different?

Look around yourself, you'll see only two types of people - males and females.

That's the only difference nature choose to have in mankind! Isn't it?

The only difference God chose for us!

All other differences are man-made, in my opinion.

Strangely enough, mankind has found ways to coexist in this dicotonomic world! Men and women not just coexist together, but also compliment each other in a very beautiful way! Not just in the way animals coexist. But, much more beyond that. As complex as they seem, man-woman relationship have stood the test of time and have evolved to huge extent, albeit it's share of abrasion!

(Subtext: abrasion like oppression, exploitation and imposition... Mostly fueled by the societal and cultural norms build by "humans".. Men trying to exploit the difference nature created for us, rather than protecting its sanctity! At times for animalistic needs, but mostly for and under the sanction of these "norms". Now, who created these norms or rules?? And more importantly why?? May be some other day...)

Yes, there black and white, brown and not-so-brown people. People with different types of eyes, nose, and other anatomical parts of body. But, they are more evolutionary adaption, or a result of environmental factors, or a "misfortune", if I may! Something, that people could not choose or control themselves. Yes, these too are differences!

Yet other ways to differentiate, that mankind chose for itself, are regionalism... religion!
Regionalism could have been an evolutionary "concept" devised to distribute and protect "interests" of a particular group. But, do they really serve the purpose? Is this design, this scheme of things, works perfectly "as-designed". Or is it more of a trouble, not worthy of the price humanity is paying. Wouldn't it be much better place, if people protected each others interests, rather than spending energies to protect them from others, who by the way are equally scared!

On the other hand, religion may have been 'invented' to make sense of things around us, which did not have good explanations! Or, perhaps to set few guidelines of how to interact with those in your closer vicinity. Or, to explain 'supernatural' phenomenon. Or, to explain the reasons for our existence. Or, to strike a balance between our physical and spiritual self's. Or, to explain concepts of life, death, soul, life after death... And many other dogmas in a quest to put to rest the 'doubts' of a wandering, restless soul... or should it be 'being', since 'soul' happens to be another explanation!

For sure, minds of men and women are full of questions, those arise, thanks to the human ability to think. However, he and she and we, are expected to just accept things and not question, for many doubts may still remain unexplained. Beliefs and faith are needed much more, than the quest to unearth the truth!

For sure, one life time is not enough to explore ourselves the mystic ways and find peace! But, the discovery from within would be so much more satisfying, rather than accepting what others experienced! Keeping aside the cons, isn't the collective wisdom,  amalgamation of thoughts of masters, something that should make things easier for us. For indeed the troubled mind is also impatient!

Is survival the only way to spend the precious little time we have? Is the time we have really little? Why, or how, few can change the world, while others choose to submit to surroundings? Why are men behaving the e way they are? How could we be better people than those who lived before us? Why are looking at the mistakes of the past, and bringing most to present, and spoiling our tomorrow? Why are we not looking into the future, in a positive and motivated way, drawing inspiration from the past? How can we bring peace to our hearts? And how can we bring peace to others? To each other? How about sharing the love, compassion and love of life?

Am I too different for this or am I capable enough?


  1. First of all, I'm an atheist; My views may not completely align with yours, but I agree with a good amount of what you are trying to paint. Not long ago I read this amazing non-fiction title called Sapiens ; It talks about a similar idea, but in great detail, you should give it a run though.

    1. You know which gang you belong to! ;) Lucky you :)

      Thanks for the lead, will try to get one and go thru it.