Friday, August 10, 2012

Body and Soul...

It is always said that the body is temporary while soul is immortal. Have been hearing this ever since my childhood. And I always had this dilemma or question about death in humans/animals as compared to trees/vegetation. Animals supposedly have soul which at the time of death seemingly leaves the body, rendering it lifeless. What happens with trees then? Do they die at some particular instant or moment? Or they don't have soul?

Or is 'soul' some concept which man devised to explain death in animals? A theory which fails for trees? So Dark the Con of Men?!

What about body? The other day, I was reading this blog, written by a feminist mom of a young daughter, advising her to wear 'decently' (covering the body), in wake of recent public harassment incidents. And another blog about the 'beauty of human forms' translated thru the male/female bodies..

So from this perspective, soul seems to be abstract while body very real! Yet, people tend to imply that soul is more important than body! 

Endure the physical hardships to attain a higher level of spiritual bliss. Or, anything yielding physical pleasure, in all probability, is the work of devil.

Doesn't it seem to be contradictory? 

Even more contradictory is the fact that there are so many soul-less mindless bodies killing, raping and destroying others. While few others are worshipping soul-less bodies which leaves them with nothing but emptiness! Few sell their souls to the devil and others sell their bodies in the budding business of pleasuring the... ?? Not just business of pleasure, but even the business of necessities is using bodies to sell their 'goods'! 

Moving away from businesses of pleasures and needs, what about the needs of a soul? There have been many players in this 'business' too! The gurus and sages who proposed and propagated to the less enlightened ones different ways of finding peace - thru both physical and metaphysical ways. However, none could convince all of the masses. Few got an elated audience, others didn't. Few tried to teach by setting examples (the good ones) and others plundered the faiths of their followers.


Life is a path that each one of us has to travel. Others can just guide, we have to explore our 'destiny' ourselves. And for that, we all need a sound mind/soul in a sound body. Both are equally important and go hand in hand. No soul should kill a body and no body should entice the soul!


  1. I think its all about how well our body and soul connect with each other

    1. And how we connect with others too...
      Thanks a lot Ritika for sharing your thoughts...

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