Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Nadaan Parindey...

Trips to my native place, sometimes, remind me of what I’ve lost by moving to a bigger city for earning a ‘so called’ decent living and a better future.

Indeed there was no other option left for me. With an engineering degree in my hand, I felt at that point of time, I have to go to either Bombay or Pune to get a good job and get on with life… face the world full-on… seek challenging avenues… fulfillment through work and career… utilize the acquired ‘skill’ and education for the betterment of all…

It’s the same story of almost every other person from a small town, who is educated to a certain level or shall we say beyond a certain level…
Some of my childhood friends, then, had come from villages and stayed in our small town for just schooling… And now, most of my friends have either moved to metros or have migrated abroad. My relatives (and most of the mango-people, aam-junta, in smaller or bigger towns, cities) still feel that the one’s settled in States are more ‘successful’ :) . Little do they realize that grass is never, as green as they think, on the other side as well?

Agreed, that they do have better lifestyles, more freedom and some might be actually enjoying this ‘success’. And their friends (read me & mango-people) do envy and feel jealous, not always but sometimes ;-)

When you look at the bigger picture, you realize that essentially we are all a ‘displaced’ community.

You can fnd the translated lyics of this song here

And while visiting home last time, I realized this more than ever. It struck me so hard that these ‘small’ incidents made me think and these random words crystallized from nowhere… don’t really know how you’ll feel after reading this, but still thought of taking a chance and sharing them…

Was sleeping… mom came in to wake me up. I said “Lemme sleep ma, I don’t get this kind of sleep there”. Just then our maid came in with broom. I greeted her with a salam and asked about her well-being. She’s been working with us since long time now, very long time. And is now a part of our family. She’s frail and slow at work, but now we have got used to her ways. She’s always had a cup of morning tea with all of us and also breakfast every now and then… sometimes the leftovers of previous night, else what we have for our breakfast. I always ask her jokingly to accompany us to Pune. And that she’ll have to do less work there than what my mom gives her. And she always refuses with her usual family reasons. Although I ask her jokingly, I know for sure, if and when, she says yes, me and my wife would be so happy… that’s because we won’t have to keep searching for good domestic help every now and then…

Next thing was breakfast. After that I went to the barber. There were few ‘customers’ already waiting, I told him that I’ll come back in 5 minutes. He asked me to go to his brother’s new shop across the lane (business expansion in these days is a surely a good sign ;-)). I went there… Royal Hair Cutting Saloon… I smiled and entered. I smiled because that was the very reason why I preferred him; he treated me like a royalty. Again, a “very long term engagement” :) I just love the way he massages me after the hair-cut... and damn cheap… hair cut, trimming beard and an aflatoon massage - all for just 40 bucks. I usually tip him 5-10 rupees. I never leave tips at regular places. But this is an exception. Why? Because of the quality of job he does with utter humility. It relaxes me and I really feel good and light leaving his khokha :) I’m sure I’ll get similar royal treatment at some exorbitantly expensive spa. May be much more than just a royal treatment. But I couldn’t afford that… for now my naaiee is doing a splendid job.

Very close to how it actually is ;) Original pic can be found here
These are just two small examples… but I guess they make a strong point of what I want to explain… that the people are so good and friendly… that the cost of living is so less… you don’t need big salaries, little is sufficient. Needs are less. Life is relaxed. You find more time for your family and your hobbies.

Then why the mad rush towards ‘success’… did we started off on a wrong track? Or is this the way life’s supposed to be? Is there a way out? Can there be a win-win situation where I can have my ‘pie’ and eat it too? If yes, please do tell me … … …


  1. hmmm.. didn't know that you like massages from guys :P. every blog post i learn something new about u.

  2. Atleast now you know :D keep reading and you'll keep discovering :P