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Pimpri - Magarpatta - Katraj - Rohit Dhaba - Kapurhole - Narhe - Bhatghar Dam & back.... That's the path you should take, if you want to go "nowhere" and come back with a lots of wisdom and peace of mind. Just kidding!! The route just happened... just like that... unplanned..

Many important things were lined up for the morning and noon. Things that were already draining me, even the thought of them. Tough decisions to make with long-term implications. Needless to say I was freaked out... and stressed out. Too many scenarios running at the back of my mind, with multiple possibilities and outcomes. You know how our minds work! By noon, nothing happened. In spite of repeated calls and follow up, the person, who was supposed to come, didn't turned up.

Was already so stressed out that I started "working" on my bike a day before this... to relieve some buildup... but that didn't help much. And now this "kalti"!

I needed a long ride, before I could start thinking straight! 

Messaged my brother-in-law for bike, and he promised to reach my place in a little while. He was working on weekend, but was planning to go out with his cousins later in the day. After an hour or so he came, and just like that I picked up my jacket, helmet and gloves. Told wifey to go with my in-laws, who were already there. This was may be the first time in our married life that I impulsively hopped on the bike and took off - usually there's a lot of planning, planning together, but not this time. So much so, I didn't even knew where I was going. Since I had to "inform", I told Mahabaleshwar! At least a direction was now fixed! Was on the roads in a few minutes... Had to drop bro-in-law at Magarpatta...

Already stung by a bee... braving thru the 40deg heat... afternoon Pune traffic... desperately needed a ride...

Scorching sun made me think - this is already not a good idea.. Just 1-2 kms in the ride, got stung by a bee.. But, I needed the open roads to open my mind! After dropping him headed to Swargate, changed mind took a left much before to NIBM road and went to Katraj. Time? Around 0230 pm... Was beginning to feel hungry... Thought let's go to Sinhagadh instead - have pitla-bhakri, taak, dahi and then to Panshet.

With this new destination, fueled up the bike, started climbing Katraj Ghat. Few Bulleteers passed by in opposite direction signalling their headlights. Too fast for me to acknowledge or wave back! If by any chance you are reading this biker-bros, thumbs up!! Sometimes, life is equally fast, if you miss your chances don't despair... Probably, you were also too fast! Slowing down helps you react better. Don't worry if you've just started while others are ending their journey, important thing is you've started!

Crossed the ghat, got on to the highway! Fast moving traffic, all minding their businesses! Didn't want to miss the turn to Sinhagadh, so was going steady... Stopped to check maps. On track. Didn't miss it so far. A little further a kid waved for lift... slowed down...
"Where are you going?"
"I don't no! Guess nowhere! Where do you want to go?"
Puzzled he says "Just ahead of toll booth"
He hops on and we start. He's continually pesters me to go faster and faster.. I'm already doing 80kmph, but he's not content, I restrain since he's not sporting any safety gear. We're well past the toll-booth and I've already missed my turn! I keep on asking how much more, and he gives me no direct answer. Pissed off I threaten to stop, then he says couple more kms. Reached, dropped him on the side of the road. He dashed away, probably laughing at me... And started looking for a U-turn, found one nearby. It was already 0330 and I was hungry and was kind of frustrated. It would be pretty long to reach Sinhagadh and then trek a little bit to reach lunch. Didn't have that much energy left. So decided - the first hotel I find will take a pit-stop.

Hotel Rohit Garden - it will be! Parked the Bull and about to entry. The naughty fellow was playing with swings! "You too wanted to come here!" (face-palm)! Many times you go out of your way to help others and end up feel animosity and frustrated by their behavior. Only to realise that we could have common goals!

Didn't react, just went inside and ordered food! Within minutes was relishing akkha masur (kolhapuri style), mutter masala, dal, rice, papad, solkadi, dahi.. Ordered some more solkadi.. The menu card incidentally had the information of all the "interesting" places around. Zeroed in on a water-body i.e. Bhatghar Dam backwaters. Adapt on the fly when you have better options, and newer avenues open up after you traverse the initial phase!

we all need fuel...
Posted by Abdullah Shaikh on Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Next, got off the highway to internal road at Kapurhol. You immediately notice the difference. From 4 lane to 2 lane, but there's almost no traffic. Trees on either side of the road. Bushes, trees, farms all around... In this season, they aren't lush green, more towards yellowish side, yet soothing the sense, not just eyes! Stopped by a small bridge to take some snaps...

Landscape changes once you hit the internal roads... away from the highway traffic!! serene...
Posted by Abdullah Shaikh on Tuesday, May 5, 2015

from the other side of the cellphone...
Posted by Abdullah Shaikh on Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Further climbed a small hill to this magnificent screen... Could hear band-baja nearby, later found that it was a wedding procession of locals!

it surely is serene and scenic...
Posted by Abdullah Shaikh on Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Rode further and the road got narrower and less comfortable. However, the villages passing by got smaller, with more beautiful old homes on both sides. Reached the vantage point to witness scenic beauty all around.

So many different colors... United Colors of Nature :P
Posted by Abdullah Shaikh on Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Another lesson, the more narrower your path becomes, more joy and satisfaction awaits you. But, you need to be more focused and open. And of course, be ready for a bumpy ride... No one ever said, life is always fair and smooth!

Spent some time clicking pics. Slowly the sun was eclipsed by a lone cloud, and suddenly it was all shady. Hot loo transformed into a cool breeze. It was, as if, this phenomenon was waiting for me to reach there, and unfolded at that very moment. It was God's way of showing love to the mortals. Enjoyed the blessings for some more time! Faith matters!

God loves bikers... so he bless me with shade... and winds... to relax... and clear mind full of doubts...
Posted by Abdullah Shaikh on Tuesday, May 5, 2015

another panorama
Posted by Abdullah Shaikh on Tuesday, May 5, 2015

cockpit with Google Lens Blur :P
Posted by Abdullah Shaikh on Tuesday, May 5, 2015

the ride and the gear!!
Posted by Abdullah Shaikh on Tuesday, May 5, 2015

perspective matters a lot...
Posted by Abdullah Shaikh on Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Saddled up and rode further on the single lane road into the village, villagers looking at me in a strange way, only to realize that was the dead end! It was indeed my intended destination, "nowhere"! Now, it was time to head back home. You need to go till the end and leave no stone upturned, before you think of returning!

After riding in opposite direction for a while was back on the highway, crazy traffic! Took a cold-drinks-stop. Maintained a steady 80kmph speed to enter the city and then crawled back home.

Almost home... err... in-laws' home >:)
Posted by Abdullah Shaikh on Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Reached home, wifey asked in a very chirpy way. "All okay? Mood theek hua?". "Much better. But, its not a switch to turn on and off on will!" in a matter-of-fact way! Should have said it in a better way, may be it sounded sarcastic! Sorry for that love! Always select your words and tone wisely, your loved ones care for you, treasure them. Always!

Two days later, am in much better state of mind. Things still not over, but, yes, I'm not as uncertain as I was earlier. We have to work our way up, together. And till the time we are better equipped, we stay put and try our best! Au revoir!

(Other pics of the ride can be found here : )


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