Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Going Crazy!

Sometimes, these days quite frequently, I'm feeling as if I'm going crazy.. going nuts.. Over seemingly small things in life, which either have less impact, or which are totally not in my control, or which make me do things that I wouldn't do otherwise... But that's life!!

I have been wanting to write a blog, refuting few of the things, that are happening all around me... To a greater degree on social media... And a lesser degree (, rather slowly,) on the real life around me... Rants, reasons, observations, etc. etc.

You see, I'm a very opinionated person, and see myself as a outspoken one... Not afraid of being politically incorrect at least in my "private"and "personal" circles...

But, it all seems so futile!

All these efforts of penning down my thoughts, don't matter at all in real life! Surely, they do define who I am. But then, I'm not someone who is really an important who's who! Am I? Like many other nobody's out there. I'm just "another brick in 'another' wall".

Thoughts, words, feelings, intensions, don't mean much if not followed by an action... And these days most of the thoughts running in my brains don't have any actionable activity in the end!  So, the feeling, "these thoughts are futile", is very correct. And I'm glad, I've realised this now, while writing this post. But, how many of us really do get to this point? And if they do get to this point, what next?? What next??? What next????

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