Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Re-inventing the Wheel 
Every now and then we are told - you don't have to 'reinvent the wheel', 'reuse what is available and make it work'. And we are relieved that our efforts would be saved!

Just imagine - a top of the line automobile say a Ferrari or a Rolls Royce having stone or wooden wheels! What a sight it would be, wouldn't it?

Now, you can understand that mankind wouldn't be where it is today, if it had stopped re-inventing 'the wheel'. The wheel is a symbol, a symbol of progress and its own progress should never stop. 

We should keep on improving all things around us little by little - that's what will ensure that we don't get lost somewhere in the crowd. This ability of incremental improvement is an instinctive trait which all of us possess - albeit in different forms and notions.

The simplest way of doing this is keep asking questions.. the right questions.. and think beyond the obvious solutions.. IFWE ask the right questions, we can change the world!

And don't stop at changing the world. Introspect and also look at re-inventing your own self!!


  1. every engineer will come across this phrase in his professional life & i would ask them to read your post to get an answer. You have hit the nail bang on target.

    1. This piece is written for a newsletter at my workplace. I hope all the readers get the message as vividly as you did.

      Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment. Appreciate it.

      Warm regards,