Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The cycle of Life and Death...

Few days back, I ran into this conversation with an ol' pal.

While, I do sympathize for the many countless people who die for no reason. Some fighting someone else's battle, others defending what they presume to be right - 'right' by varying degrees and perspectives - again suggested and enforced by someone else's dogmas and philosophies. While others, just plain victims of "acts of God". And still others as collateral damages. Name what you may - the reasons, the fact remains - a life was lost... or many... a lost potential, of what could have been... so many good things and so many positive roles... alas, a life cut short...

And, there are others who die peacefully. Or under normal circumstances, or a diseases or an accident or simply old age. Perhaps, suicide or euthanasia .. Again, a life is lost, causing similar pain and anguish to the near and dear ones.. 

But, there is a difference between these "unlucky" and "lucky" souls. 

The unlucky are reduced to a number that appears as a title of an web-article or a new-paper headline or an absurd 'troll' like above. They mostly die an anonymous death - unnamed and unattended. Perhaps, ending up in mass graves, if their enemies are good-at-heart! Their mothers and brothers may never hope to know, if they still alive or dead! A very small consoling fact remains - they at least died for a 'reason' - never mind that the reason may have been 'hard-wired' into their brains by... circumstances or leaders or fanatics or freedom-fighters... 

The lucky ones perhaps died with all their near and dear ones beside them. Got proper rites and funeral. A few days of mourning... then life as usual - if not few days, perhaps after a few months or a couple years... eventually even they'll be forgotten... and will become equally anonymous...

However, if in later case - if the person is of importance or eminence, perhaps there will be a 'state-mourning' or an tribute for you in some tangible form... a song, a statue, a bust or a street-named after the dignitary

So, in effect - how you are treated after you are dead is mostly a matter of, how important/popular you were and what difference you made while you were alive. In any case, once dead it won't be of any consequence to the dead person itself. 

Comparing one death with another, is not a wise thing to do - because there are many 'variables' involved. And even if someone devised a way to compare them (no matter how stupid or how intelligent) - it won't do any good to the dead!

Death and our reactions to it - should be an reminder, that we're all mortals and will, sooner or later, meet the ultimate end. You cannot run from it, nor hide from it. However, what you can certainly do, is lead a life that will compel others to celebrate your end and carry on the legacy and goodness from you ahead to the future times. Instead of, bearing a grudge and animosity against someone who may or may not be responsible for your death.


  1. Still trying hard to convince :) By the way - in last week alone around 400 people died in Syria.

    I agree that "You cannot change the fact that no media coverage will ever change by such childish-image"

    Don't agree with this one - "You are just bringing bad name to a community which is already grossly misunderstood" - I don't know How ?

    Its very dangerous to think like "If I can't make any difference to a situation, then there is no reason why I should know the situation" - I know I cant make any difference by posting such funny messages like above one - but many people actually relates with the situation. Not doing anything is also not acceptable, right ? Who will think of us if guns pointing them are turned on us tomorrow .. looking at the present situation its not impossible too ...
    Time to think and act ..

    And No, it was not preachy ...

    1. Negativity, sarcasm, name-calling will always generate a sense of hostility. While we are a part of a larger society, we also represent Islamic/Muslim community - as such we should watch our own conduct. There are others also who understand the situation and empathize with the victims - irrespective of their own beliefs and faiths. Just y'day a param-bhakt of NaMo post this on his wall - http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424052702304173704579264321512037180 ... a sensible, straight-forward article and I, myself, could connect to the young-man's conditions...

      If nothing else, I'd rather be posting some personal stuff with my friends and relatives than spreading negativity. Debating on FB or posting such trolls, won't do any good to anyone.

      What we can do is spread a word about people who are actually working to make things better like - http://www.irusa.org/emergencies/syrian-humanitarian-relief/

      Agreed, that there are people dying everyday, and nobody is even bothered to even report them. But, people/masses are not blind. They can see thru the media-deceptions...

      Chodo yaar, kabhi milenge to baat kar sakte hain... yeh conversation kabhi katham nahi hoga :)