Friday, August 23, 2013

Is Life an Equation?

How nice it would have been if biological evolution, morality, ethics and human relations were governed by equations. Equations like the ones governing laws of physics and marvels of engineering.

While few mortals are worried about who said what and why, and why me ... others spend sleepless nights wondering what is happening to world and humanity ...

Why is life so mysteriously difficult to comprehend??

Al said it long ago, "Any stupid can make things complex, it takes a real genius to simplify things". I feel and wish, I could simplify the complexities surrounding me, at the very least, if not the complexities around the world! But I confess being driven to stupidity every now and then, either willfully or forcefully!

That's the beauty of life, I guess. Wish I had the wisdom to appreciate it in a better way... with some simple equation ... but life is never fair, the two sides of the equation are never equal! To find the correlation is even more difficult!!

So it continues ... the journey of exploring the mysterious equations... from unknown to the known!!! Some day perhaps I would understand...

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