Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Questions… Reasons… Answers… Actions…

ना ख़ामोशी, ना अल्फ़ाज,
होते हैं वजह जीने कि...
वजह ढूंढ़ने वालों को,
मिलते हैं बहाने हज़ार ...
जीने के... जीने के!!!

बेमतलब ही जी रहे हो ज़िन्दगी
अगर सिर्फ ढूंढ रहे हो,
जवाब उन सवालों के
जिन सवालों के जवाब ही नहीं !!!

Neither silence, nor words,
Can explain the reason for existence…
Those who search for reasons,
Will find numerous excuses…
For existence… or otherwise!!!

Living a Life meaningless you are,
                If searching for answers to questions…
                                Questions which can never be answered!!!

Life is a quest, a journey, an attempt to find, discover, and explore the unknown.

There are paths which should be pursued – since they could bring goodness to few souls around us, if not entire mankind or human race. One should strive to thread these. Bring in others who could collaborate and contribute. As they say, “Main akela hi nikla tha, log judte gaye, aur karawan badta gaya” (I started off alone, people joined along the way… and a community/tribe started forming). Science and technology can be great enablers, if used wisely. The guiding principles for such actions should, however, come from the spiritual corners.

Spirituality, in this “age of reasoning”, is often neglected! Not only at an individual level, but also an virtue of society.

Nations are lost in the statistics and trends of economy and finances, arithmetic and dynamics of democracy, implications and costs of wars, greed and competition of free-markets and capitalism, fear of and wars on terrorism, and many such ‘systems’. These systems were designed for the betterment of mankind, but are far from their targets… and in the blind pursuit of making them work… and make them work at any cost… we are paying a heavy price of the well-being our souls – individual and collective alike!

 The best argument against the spiritual-kinds is that many things are unexplained, on the basis of reason, logic and science. True – these “questions” are supposed to be understood, explored and experienced. Not answered… since few can’t be answered… they are just supposed to trigger the actions within us… it would be foolish to look for explanations in the dark, instead of picking up the direction and start acting towards the improving things around us. The things that we know are not working the way they should! 

Don’t stop at hurdles, find work-around and act for collective good. Listen to your inner voices, and help others to find theirs’!

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