Thursday, August 15, 2013

Friend me 4 Peace...

I once knew a Saudi man who shot himself in his mother's lap, after a series of failed marriages. An Indian chain-smoker who passed away recently, leaving behind a ‘lost-fortune’ and fighting family. I know, now, an old American man, with job uncertainties and work pressure. A young French guy who recently had a baby and also a mortgage apartment - very much similar to me. An old German who has to travel a lot on business. A South-Korean mid-age guy with a lot of stress at work, also wanting to buy a new better bigger car. 

The same Saudi had danced all the way from airport-taxiway to terminal holding 6-months-baby-me, joy of holding me for the first time! When I heard of his sad end, I cried - the only time in my 33 year life when I cried at someone's death! The same Indian relative was one of the most humorous, jovial yet God-fearing and pious person, I ever knew – who used to do anonymous charity! The same American is the most helpful moderator on this particular online community. I respect him so much, that every now and then, I seek his advice in my professional and philosophical lives – we also share ‘to read books’ list! The same French bloke is also my work-partner and fellow-biker - I also know many French people and love them for their friendliness and hospitality, even though I've been "mugged" once on a popular ‘tourist-street’ of Paris! The same German is the most technically sound person I know, at his age I don't think I’ll be as fit or as knowledgeable as him! The same South-Korean colleague accompanied me every single evening for dinner, when I was there on a business trip – going back to work after our dinner!

Strange but true… how similar we all are… we all share same insecurities, feel same fears and anxieties, face same problems and are equally stressed by the conditions around us. Yet, we all hope for a good future for us and our kids. We all work hard and strive to make our ends meet. We all love peace and tranquility - We are all equal! And (we) hope that things will take a positive turn for the common good – against all odds.

Am I a religious person? Perhaps, perhaps not! But, I am a good human-being, and believe that all religions want us to be such. I hope I am a good father, husband, son and brother. A trustworthy friend, a helpful colleague, a fair person when dealing with others. Introvert, nature-loving-biker, car-pooler, foodie, not-so-frequent-blogger who keeps thinking all the time, (novice) photographer with a simple point-and-shoot camera, automotive-enthusiast, like reading religion, spirituality, fiction and tabloids, gadget-geek who prefers not spend too much money on technology, technology and science loving engineer, an open person liking open-source, iPhone hater… although I admire Steve Jobs… I also admire Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein among many others… I like watching TED Talks and that’s how I came to know of Israel-loves-Iran, Peace Factory and Ronny’s efforts. 

Recently, I came to know of ‘Friend Me 4 Peace’ campaign. Since then, I’ve made many FB-friends and my ‘newsfeed’ looks so meaningful, it’s no longer dumb and boring. Feel free to add me as your peace-loving online buddy.

May there be peace in all regions of the world – Israel-Palestine, India-Pakistan, Afganistan, Syria, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, all African countries, US, UK, Burma, North Korea, China - all over!! I wish this viral-peace-love grows more and more, brings us closer and actually makes way for peace around our war-ridden world! Not just physical peace but also Peace of Mind... 

‘Friend Me 4 Peace’

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  1. In our lives, we always strive for the better future. Not that we have a bad life, just that we are not content with it. Whether its, failed marriage, job or business, we are just not content. Does it mean, we should not strive for better. Definitely we should strive, but at the same time, happy with what we have at present.