Sunday, September 18, 2011

Love All...

Is it all that difficult for human beings to accept that people can be different (out of choice or otherwise) and love them irrespective of their religion, caste, creed, gender, race, sexual orientation?

Have come across some blogs in recent times thru a blogger community which spew hatred and yet generate so many hits (responses, comments, etc) - in fact the responses generate much more hatred and this goes into an unending 'cycle'. Reminds me of popular quote "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind."

This south-Indian lady wrote about north-Indians. And generalized her personal experiences, applying them to the entire population of this particular geography. Nasty blog! I wouldn't want to comment on it but the blog generated some few thousand comments!! And this was just her 5th or 6th post!
(I don't even have that many hits leave alone comments ;) This is one sure way of getting popular, but not my way - I don't hit below the belt)

People not just commented but have written equally nasty blogs in retaliation! Few might have some sense in their blogs but are too sarcastic to make any mark on the original blogger.

Its not just this incident - I used to follow two bloggers on an popular Indian daily - the Hindustan Times. And the bloggers are -
Gautam and Zia. Gautam writes about religion and spirituality. Zia about Islamic commentary on current affairs. Not that I subscribe to their line of thoughts, but both blokes have some interesting points to make. Inadvertently, I was compelled to have a look at the comments too - and was disappointed every single time. Nobody ever wants to talk any sense! All full of hatred, pointing fingers at others, dissecting one religion or other (most of the times it's the only
'favorite one') and then the counter arguments to 'justify' 'our ways' to 'your wrong notions'.

And these aren't the only two blogs! You'll find many many such websites, blogs and idiots. How can one harbor so much of hatred?

Yesterday, I was watching a documentary on Discovery (or was it Nat Geo?) about the 9/11 Memorial Museum. Ladder 3 was one of the first responders - 12 brave fire fighters who lost lives saving others, doing their duties. Father of one of them spoke about why he felt it was important to have such a memorial. And he did not talk of hatred. He spoke of respect, peace and love. And that we should not let such a tragedy happen again, ever again. I admire such people a lot, inspite of enduring a personal tragedy, this gentleman is still advocating love and respect - it surely does take a lot of courage to be good.


And its not just the people in virtual world! The even 'real' people around us! I won't get into 'the details' but there are dumbos who wouldn't understand or try to understand if someone acts or does not act in a manner. Or if someone tries not to offend by directly/bluntly refusing something and instead prefers dropping hints.

I don't mind an open minded fellow asking me how, why or why not about something and wants to understand. In fact, I'd be glad to clarify. Or if someone wants to know how I feel about a thing or event.

Everyone is entitled to his or her way of life, thoughts and beliefs just as you are and I am. So what, if you are different? Isn't that a good thing? Why the binary thoughts of categorizing everything in black or white? Why stick to mono-chrome when life is so wonderful in 'techni-color' ;)

On parting note let me quote a doha (words of wisdom in form of poetry)

I went in search of goodness around the world, 
And found everyone better than me!
Then I searched for bitterness all around the world, 
And found none more bitter than me!!

PS: 1. People I want to address in this post are regular Tom, Dick and Harry. General public, faceless individuals in the crowd, 'mango-people' - people with sense and sensibilities. Not lunatics and fundamentalists who are beyond any reconciliations and reasonable-ilities. Such people eventually meet their 'match'. Mother Nature always has her own ways to strike balance ;) 
2. ("Strike-off" since the paragraph (@9/11) does not go with the post - context seem to be different - but wanted to retain it nevertheless...) Edits: Removed "Strike-off" after getting views from couple of readers who thought the "flow" was okay :)


  1. love hate are people's general feeling one can not control them, of course there should be some limit. I agree 100% with you about that blog.

    But, don't mind if you see your post, its kind of expressing hate towards those kind of people. So, don't take it personally. I am trying to make a point that people do hate and love but there should be limit. Like yours come into limit.

    Liked your post..I am tweeting it :)

  2. Thanks Sharan for stopping by and taking time to share your views :)

    It was tempting to post a back-link on 'those' blogs >;)

    Yes, I dislike 'such' people who just keeping on ranting... blah blah... yada yada... with no sense. And, yes I cannot 'control' this 'dislike'liness. I'd rather prefer that people show some respect - who says you cannot respect your enemies? (picked up from 'Troy';)) And, I'm still using 'dislike' not hatred - life's to short for hating!!

    Thanks for 'tweeting' it - not bitten Twitterbug yet!!

  3. These people with so much of negativity in blogs have the same attitude or type of people following theme. I dislike such people, so I am just limiting myself from commenting about them here. Glad you highlighted this topic :D

    BTW, thanks for dropping into my blog :)

  4. The pleasure's all mine Kiran - thanks to indiblogger I'm meeting (virtually) some awesome bloggers like you :)