Sunday, September 4, 2011


Kids, we all just love them! To think of someone who hates kids is like a person who ain't living with heart and soul. Such a person is just living.. living without.. lets put it in lighter words.. just living without any fun in life..

Personally, I don't have anything against kids. But, there have been certain incidents, and they keep repeating every now and then. For instance, every time I travel by train, the adjoining seats are occupied most of the times by people having at least one kid below 2 and one in between 3 to 6. One keeps crying and other one wants the window seat which belongs to me!

This time too is no different. But the toddler seems to be very well  behaved plus she's cute and jolly. Then again, there must be times when this one also turns into a wild monster. As they say, all good things come at a price. The coupe alongside is the one having 5-6 of the 'monstrous' kinds. Well, no one's complaining, everyone seems to be having fun. And that's what kids are all about - having fun!

Snap I found closest to my experiences!
o many books have been written about parenting. Can't really comment on them as I've not had the 'pleasure' of reading them. One thing's for sure, just as one can't learn to live from a textbook, in the very same way one can't learn parenting from a 'book'.

I remember having heard it from a senior of mine - You have to understand that your parents are being parents for the first time. They, too, are humans just as you are. So understand what they feel.. expect.. think.. want.. want to give.. want to plan for you.. want you to live in a good way..
Hey, this is going somewhere else... Starting from kids have come a long way to parenting! Coming back to kids. Well, what can I say? I never had one of mine. Not yet! But there are few kid cousins of mine who get along very well with me. I too enjoy their company so long as they're good. he he he..

This one traveling with me just went on a hand-shake spree.. Cute lil round face with two 'ponies'. Small hands so eagerly wanting to touch you. 3rd round of hand-shakes and still wanting more. So full of innocent energy! This is what radiates from them - innocent energy - so contagious that you too feel it and want to get more of it. And your thirst just doesn't seem to be parched.

Kids really are angels sent by God to remind us all what He intended us to be and how He created us. And as we grow, we contaminate His Noble Intentions. Remember, introspect - How we were long long ago and what have we grown into??    

Contagious Smiles

On that note bidding adieu. Love kids,have fun, enjoy life!!


  1. This one was written long back (12th Feb 2007 to be more precise) and a lot has changed since then :)
    Now I'm father of a lovely 3 year daughter and this has changed quite a lot in me as a person - I no longer get irritated by fellow passengers kids ;) hehehe

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  2. I'm glad that you included your comment at the end - I was confused. :)

    Kids are a source of joy and (even more important) optimism! My own three sons are in their mid-twenties and their response to the world's woes help me keep my balance. "What problems? All I see are opportunities!"

    Kids are amazing!

  3. I knew that people knowing me 'personally' would be surprised by this post so I included the comment :)

    I surely have to learn a lot from the 'senior fathers' around me... but my little one teaches me more than anyone else about being a 'father'!!

    BTW, I've started another blog for "3D Stories" ( which may interest you. I'll be adding existing stuff from 3dvia first then start with newer material :)

  4. Having children of our own does change us tremendously. no wonder your little one has filled your life with joy
    liked what you wrote about understanding first time parents

  5. @ Sujatha: Each day is a new day with my daughter :)