Thursday, September 29, 2011

Self Realization

When the road ends and the goal is gained, the pilgrim finds that he has traveled only from himself to himself (was the entire journey a vicious circle then?)

 You pursue a path (less traveled or more frequented) to reach a destination. To fuel your ambitions. To achieve success. To amass wealth. To gain good health. Etc, etc.

But at the end of the journey all you find is you, yourself. Waiting for "yourself" to show up? Perhaps... Or was it you who walked all the way thru the ups and the downs, just wanting to find who's at the end of this 'journey' called life..

The truth is, as sages say, self realization is the key. The day you find yourself is the day you are attain an eternal, peaceful bliss.

Is this task so difficult? Well... Yes... But, it's definitely worth it... For then you'll have a clarity, unknown and unimaginable, to the people around you. You'll know all you need to know. 

Unaffected by the opinions of the people who's views seem so important. There are people, who go to absurd limits to gain acceptability in the 'society'. Take for instance, the case of ladies starving themselves to death - just to look like 'those' slim beauties who 'grace' the ramp, and presumably, are so desirable to the rest of the world.

"So what?", even if, there are many people who find you more desirable the way you are. But then, their views don't count... Do they?

When you discover what/who you really are, things will automatically start falling in places, until the "picture perfect" emerges... picture perfect.. picture.. perfect.. 

This view will help you grasp a reality.. a fact of life.. a philosophy.. what make life enjoyable and 'livable' are the little imperfections.. not the complete perfections..

Perfection in literary sense is nothing more than an illusion.. like the statements which we all might have read in n number of science text books.. such and such equation holds true for ideal states, however, for real cases we have to introduce a "constant" or a "correction" into the equation... These constants are nothing but the imperfections! You can't have anything close to reality without them.

Or in other words everything that's real and exist has to have a certain level of shortcomings..

Accept them and you'll come closer to your own self....................

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