Thursday, September 29, 2011

Divine Intervention

Am going to my native place.. an extended weekend.. just in time for the intercity.. managed a seat somehow.. One hour later.. 0705 pm Daund junction.. 5 mins late.. even before the train comes to halt a Chaiwala hangs his masala chai (tea) can to my window sill. Soon the complete station's filled with cries from all corners. Chai chai chai.. Omelette sandwich.. Veg sandwich.. Thanda cold-drink.. Thanda paani.. Well, that's all I can notice amidst the umpteen noises. I'm sure there must have been many other whom I missed in that commotion. The idliwala's and newspaper guy. Add to that a guy selling wada-pav. Can you think of anything more?

 Well, that's all I could gather when I took a break from 'Freedom from the Known' by J Krishnamurti (highly recommended read for those into reading philosophy and spirituality)
The chapter I was reading said something about looking into the beauty of the mundane things that we generally tend to overlook. Like, how many of us enjoy the glory of a sunrise, the seemingly effortless flight of a bird or the sparkling reflections of light in water. Or for that matter - the struggle of all these people shouting at the railway platform.. trying to earn a day's living for their loved one's by feeding others! Not many of us would observe these things. Instead we have the idiot box with its Discovery, F, M and X channels.. books.. intellectual interactions.. etc, etc. All substitutes, yet more important things that seemingly require higher levels of thinking to appreciate the so called "Beauty of Life"??      

Coming back to my little journey. The whistle blew and within seconds on the track once again and quite literally. Suddenly, I remembered one of those days when we were kids - school days - Algebra.. History.. Moral Sciences.. and languages (which I must say were so difficult). And one of the tougher tasks were writing essays like.. "Autobiography of an Old Book"... or "An Hour at Railway Station".. I remember our teacher specifically asking us to actually go to the station and come up with something different.. Well.. guess now is the time to do some homework :)

Three different views.. Coming to one point.. Commotion at station, Mr Krishnamurti and the Essay.. Life as they say is a series of "Divine Interventions".. It's just we who don't see things.. Little beauties of life..

Am tired of typing this long heavy passage on my cellphone.. need a refreshing cup of tea.. I head to pantry.. Tea vendor himself is enjoying one.. Smiles at me.. As if he was speaking all this time and I was just taking a dictation.. "Ek cup chai dena bhaya" I say smiling back.. "Ek hi cup bacha hai sir!!"

Another Divine intervention perhaps..


  1. Written long back while traveling hometown (19-08-07) on my cellphone

    Photographs with this post are clicked by me myself... so any feedback, comments or suggestions would be appreciated :)

  2. Simply beautifully captured shots...lovely reading!