Monday, October 8, 2012

Go(o)d Particles

Seeing and believing are two different things. Seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, sensing touch are all physical activities. While belief is something much more.. it's an abstract idea.. something similar to feeling.. the physical sensory organs create some reflexes which we all feel - a mix of physical and metaphysical .. the physical part leads to our actions and reactions while the metaphysical part leads to accumulation of experience and feeling which leads us to believe in a certain way and evolve a 'belief system'.. and a collective 'belief system' is known as... we all know what...

The concept of God and God, Himself, are difficult for us to understand. The common wisdom and common belief systems lead us to believe in things which we ourselves have never experienced.. here comes the concept of 'Faith'.. and to be 'labeled' as a 'good person' according to the 'society' or a 'community', one has to conform to this belief system and have faith.

The minute one questions these things - he turns into a rebel or a misfit! We are not allowed to experience the Divinity ourselves. Goes against the 'Laws' of society. That's only for 'madmen and heretics' to explore! 

I'm myself struggling with some questions! However, that's not the topic of discussion here. That's my personal affair - and it should be such for all of us. After-all, its between me and my Lord!

We'll discuss something more share-able and open than God - good.. goodness.. common good.. good manners.. good conduct.. good ethics.. good thoughts.. which will eventually lead us to God! Right? I mean, that's what the belief-systems and faiths of the world want us to transform into.. good people..

Like God, goodness also does not have any caste, creed, race, gender, color, or any other 'keyword' that differentiates humanity! God and goodness is above that!

I'll not go into - proving that sub-atomic particles i.e. electrons, protons and neutrons, exist or the opposite. Their manifestations are so strong that we cannot deny their existence... the Scientists and Physicists around the world have already done a great job of bringing us closer to the Supreme Creator and help us mortals understand things that are incomprehensible! The latest addition to these scientific discoveries is the 'God Particle'.. its an nice term which has been coined and I'd like to use it in a non-scientific way.. a dumb way, if I may..

For me, God Particle is nothing but goodness! Its all around us and manifests itself in ways you cannot deny! Its within all of us, no matter how 'evil' we really are! In fact the more evil we are, the more goodness we may have! We'll let me prove my theory! Scientifically!

There cannot be 'free' electrons and protons. Certainly not without their parent atomic structures. This holds true for stable systems. 

For the unstable ones, there has been an external or internal imbalance created by inducing a 'potential difference' - stable becomes unstable with this induction. Thus, creating free positive and negative charges which move to opposite polarity! Remove the induced difference and system turns stable and neutral! 

That's little bit of basic Physics that I know. Going by this analogy, there has to be God Particle i.e. goodness in all of us.. let's call it Good Particle. If an individual is evil, what it actually means is the induced difference or pressure is so much that all the positivity and goodness from this individual is being extracted so that only unpleasant part remains! That's what happens to all of us.. induced and seduced by the 'difference's which no longer remain 'potential' but get converted into dynamic behaviors or misbehaviors!!

When we provide conditions to let the Good particles manifest themselves, there'll be more and more good happening around us. Which in turn will 'please' God! And will also bring stability to the wandering souls! Isn't it?

Searching for God, looking out for Him, calling His name, praying, wanting to see Him, wanting Him and asking Him to answer our prayers, questions, needs - are all 'ideas' and 'notions' which we have accumulated.. what He has created is already a self-sustainable Universe, with mechanisms in place to help us explore and experience and exist .. what is needed on our part is to equalize the differences and create harmony and balance by together celebrating and manifesting the Good Particles!!

PS: I don't think that drawing analogy with heads of state is a good idea! Such people are just good-for-nothing idiots who have been selected/elected to lead a team of equally-mentally-challenged people by the masses who don't question! We need a nation and world of misfits and rebels who can really change the face of the world!

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  1. in response to a FB update shared by a friend:

    1. Seeing is believing?. If you can show me God, I will believe in Him. Is seeing really believing? There are many things which we see but don’t believe – mirage, our own deformed reflection in a concave mirror, the apparent bending of a stick partially immersed in water caused by refraction, the apparent meeting of two rails in the distance on a railway track, the apparent meeting of the sky with the earth or water at the horizon. And there are things which we don’t see, but we believe – air, electricity, mind, emotions, time (what we see in a clock is time as
    measured by the clock, not time per se). No one, not even the topmost scientist with the latest
    technology, has ever seen an electron, yet every scientifically educated person believes that a thing called electron exists. So “seeing is believing” is neither common sense nor scientific sense. In fact, a camel who believes what he sees chases in vain after a mirage and perishes. What saves an intelligent human being from the same tragic end in a desert is his refusal to follow “seeing is believing”.
    2. Secondly, is God our order-carrier that He should come in front of our eyes at our beck and call? Can we summon the Prime Minister of India like that? If we can’t see, just by our desire, the temporary ruler of just one country on one
    continent on one planet in one solar system in one galaxy in one universe, then how can we expect to see, just by our desire God, who is the eternal and
    undisputed ruler of unlimited millions of universes?
    3. Does a citizen have to accept on blind faith that the PM exists? No the very existence of
    governmental systems to provide for his needs – law and order, water supply, electricity supply -
    implies that there is a PM at the helm of the government. Similarly, we are all citizens of the
    universe and the very existence of universal systems to provide for our needs – sunlight, heat,
    water, air – implies that there is the supreme head of state, God, at the helm of the universal
    4. Suppose the Prime Minister of India comes to a remote tribal village. Now a boy from that village, who doesn’t know anything about the position and
    the glory of the Prime Minister, may see the PM, but he will not benefit in any way by seeing him.
    He will just think, “Some city person has come to our village.” Similarly even if we see God, if we have not heard about the position and glory of God, we will not benefit at all by seeing Him. In fact, the Vedic literatures narrate how Duryodhana saw Krishna – even the Universal Form (Vishvarupa) of Krishna – but still he didn’t believe what he saw and didn’t become a devotee of Krishna and so had to perish. Therefore we must first understand His greatness, His supremacy and
    His benevolence by hearing about him from spiritually enlightened teachers. Then we will be benefit from seeing Him.