Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Being Human...

I have nothing against Salman Khan's initiative by this very name. It does mean something good and is a good ad-line. However, every time I hear or see this 'logo' on T-shirts, I go crazy! As if we are all animals and these blokes are the only humans.. makes me want to wear a T with 'being animal' slogan!

Guys, you don't have to remind us.. we know "We're all Human Beings"!! Aren't we?? Atleast, 'social' animals for sure!!

I really wonder sometimes, does wearing clothes qualify/justify the 'social' tag? I mean.. without the clothes, we're are the same! Same anatomy, same body, same appendages, etc. Then how did this species aquire the special status of being called the 'humans'? Remove the clothes and we're all animals! Isn't it? In fact, there are many prowlers out there waiting to attack and tear someone elses clothes!

Don't the animal instincts of human beings mean anything or something?

Why then the false masks?

Why do we need to hide our feelings and emotions, similar to our bodies? Why can't we bare our immortal souls, just as we seek pleasures of mortal bodies? Or are we too human for that??

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