Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cool Geek!!

Geek Alert!!!! 
I love this cool guy from NASA... breaking all the 'stereotypes' and pre-conceived notions of a geeky/nerdy species. 

Here's my geeky tribute in 3D ;) (just a small 3D viewer addon to be installed to view this... you can download the model from my 3dvia profile here : Edits/Updates : It seems I have some problem with the 3D model, we're trying fix it!! will update it once it's up... Updates : working fine now!! meanwhile you can also enjoy a 3D interactive animation)

My FB updates ;)

Edits: You can find more meme's of this guy on this blog, it is fun stuff!!! 

And Official NASA T-Shirt Design!?! link - http://space.jpl.nasa.gov/NMG_FC.jpg


  1. Geeks need not be cool, they sure are hot properties :)

    1. If they are cool, its icing on the 'hot property' ;)