Monday, July 23, 2012

O Morpheus, where art thou?

There are times when we all are full of self doubt. We try to understand the reasons for the things, things which don't make any sense but exist, and we can't do anything about them - or so we think.

Does it sound familiar? Well, this might be a story of everyone, isn't? This is not the story of everyone.. it's the story of the One! We're talking about the central character of the cult-classic movie-series The Matrix, Neo aka the One.

The entire series, from a different perspective, can be summed up as a struggle of a single person. From a computer geek full of questions to the ultimate savior of what is left of mankind.

A story of zero to hero?? naaaah, its the story of zero to one - the binary transition ;) he he he... jokes apart.. if you remove all the special effects and the 'sci-fi' background of the movie, it could be compared to the tale of every other 'hero' in the real world - meaning the real world we live in, where everything around us seems to be 'corrupt' and fake!

We're all lost. Lost in this world - full of negativity and deceit. Anywhere you look, you'll be faced with tyrants and oppressors and thieves and murderers and criminals and... trying to impose themselves on us... leaving us with no choices, with no control... they seem to have the right over our lives... controlling us and draining/extracting every bit of positivity and energy within us for their own ulterior benefit.

In this dark and grim scenario, we need someone, like Morpheus, to guide us thru these obstacles, to the ultimate goal and truth and the motive of our life! This Morpheus of ours, need not be a 'person' - it could be a book, or a set of values or a value-system which we 'code', build, or it could very well be some role model - whose inspirational story helps us believe in ourselves. Makes us believe in ourselves when everything else seems futile and worthless.

And don't wait for your Morpheus to search and find you! You can set out in his search and find the true meaning of life...

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