Thursday, March 15, 2012

Equations of Life...

"Poverty = Struggle"
This is what my wife said casually. Made me think, are there such equations in life?

The sign of equality '=' is strange. It never lies. It always depicts the truth, the exact value. Stuff on either side can be anything.. being an engineer, by education and profession, I know the different mathematical 'forms' that can be equated. Angles, lenghts, trigonometric relations, physics, chemical attibutes, complex numbers, calculus, differentials, even probability can be equated -  meaning quantified with an equivalent entity on the other side of the "=" sign.

Can life, or the 'values' and 'attributes' of life be compared, quantified, equated? I feel they can be at best approximated in mathemetical terms. Each can be thought of as an cause-and-effect. Causuality.. remember Matrix? And also 'control'??

"Philosophy/Religion/Faith begins where Science ends" goes a popular saying. That does explain a part of what I feel. Life or the values of Life cannot be equated/quantified. They are just there.. hanging in air.. in the middle of nowhere..

Reminds me of something else but similar from Ayn Rand.. A is A and B is B.. implying many things - few of them being 'truth remains unchanged', 'producers and parasites are different classes'.

Still there are many things which remain unexplored and untouched by human thoughts. Life will always be changing. And human minds are too small to understand it completely and derive an equation for it!!


  1. "life will always be changing. human minds are too small..." loved it to the core.
    Very well compared.