Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sleep.. Sleeplessness..

It's around 2:30am and i'm still awake. Why? I wonder.. I've had really long day with lots of work. Was tired as hell when I reached home. Had dinner,spent some time with my daughter.

And ideally I should be dreaming about something good at this point of time. Fast asleep. Yet,  this is not the case!

Checked FB .. 'liked' and commented on few 'feeds'. Closed it. Switched off my cell to ward off the distractions. Tried counting till 100. Tried not to think of anything. Closed my eyes and laid for some time. Restlessly turned sides. And now i'm trying to empty my mind.. here..

Yes, there are tasks in hand which need to be finished soon at office. Many things going on at work place, that need attention and efforts. But, I never lost my sleep over such 'mediocre' things in past.

Yes, there are things going on in my mind.. thoughts that I want to put somewhere important and hope that they are received well.. but those are already precipitating slowly and will eventually find their place - accepted or not is a different thing..

Lately, i guess, i'm also worrying too much about things going on in my personal life.. not relationships - touch wood.. but other things like finances.. like future .. things that worry almost every Tom, Dick and Harry. None, of them ever loose sleep over such issues..

Well.. then what is it??


  1. About a year or so The Solapur CA Branch had organised a lecture on reasons for stress. Initially I thought, I am not at any stress and also i am much more competent to handle the issues myself with my brain and I dont need such lecture.
    But somehow the Lecturer convinced the brach managing committee to allot a session of 1 hour for such stress management.
    Life has become more easier after that day. He explained many things. Few are
    1) All humans try to make the life more and more secure for future. But the fact of life is there is no such point where u feel secure. Try to live in unsecure enviornment. There is no such thing like fully secure. Dont try to achieve it.
    2) 80% of our stress comes from thinking about things, which never happen.
    3) 15% of stress is outcome of emotional attachment and trying to over protect the loved ones.
    4)5% of stress is genuine, which should be attended.
    Generate the habit of letting things go. Dont keep on chasing them. Good and Bad things happen with everyone in life and you are also one of them.
    CA Deepak Dargad, Solapur.

    1. Thanks Deepak...
      I agree on your 'analysis'. Its very true that we tend to think too much about things that we shouldn't worry about. I should learn few newer things and unlearn few older habits :)

    2. Sleeplessness is an old friend of mine too. What the lecturer said is true. But there is a positive side to all of that "thinking" too.

      I try to think of the racing thoughts and circular, self-perpetuating lines of resaoning as stages in my planning. Many times a new thought or new way of looking at things will come from those whirling (and tiring) times.

      We try to imagine all possibilities and how we would respond (especially those working in engineering) - that is a good thing. It allows us, even if it is in our sub-conscious, to be prepared and deal with our fully-wakened time of life more easily.

      There is good stress and bad stress, some times it is valuable to look at the "bad" stress and imagine how to turn it into "good" stress.

      I do hope that your important thoughts formulate themselves into something good and that they are carefully considered when presented! That will give you back the energy that you expended to make them real.

      Life is interesting - it always depends on what we make of it. :)

    3. Thanks Don for taking time to share your thoughts and remind me that I'm not alone :)

      Yes, most of the times thoughts/ideas keep us awake - and they take a place in your minds till they get formulated/precipitated elsewhere.

      Stresses, good or bad, are different story...

  2. Life is filled with many unpredictable. Thinking and planning ahead often lessens a burden.