Monday, January 30, 2012

Morning Emptiness

It's been long long time since I've rode my bike at unearthy hours of early morning. Wide open empty roads. No traffic. Occasional fast moving vehicle - a truck usually .. winters are slowly reciding but its still cold.. the 'still' morning air.. cold and a lil bit chilling.. not much but .. can ride at 40-50kmph not any faster .. wee bit warmer on the bridge across the small rivers criss-crossing Pune.. warm, humid, smelly moisture for a couple of seconds.. twice in the entire 15kms short dash to Pune Station from home (Pimpri).. old black leather jacket still keeps me warm.. carrying helmet in train is 'pain' but shouldn't have left it at home.. anyways.. the morning emptiness of roads and a peaceful short ride of just 30mins brings back many memories.. early morning rides are always soothing .. should be doing more of them.. I am missing something in my daily routine .. Perhaps its time I started getting up early each day.. pick up some physical activity..

Heading to Solapur for School Reunion (1996 Batch) - thanks to Facebook. Travelling with an old buddy.. some catching up.. had a morning tea and steaming hot breakfast courtesy Indian Railways - am pleasantly surprised with the food served in the Shatabdi Express.. just one think missing - tissues :)

Looking forward to a great day ahead with all my school buddies.. teachers.. and later on with mom-dad.. return booking is done for tomorrow morning .. but will be meeting a different pune tomorrow noon.. full of traffic and crowd and pollution .. living life in this beautiful moment :) tomorrow can wait for another day!!

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  1. Thanks for the quiet thoughts.

    Early morning is a wonderful time to reflect on the day ahead and the life ahead. :)