Friday, December 30, 2011

His Glasses?

        I'm in Sidney Harbour, looking at the beautiful bridge that joins the two halves of the city, when an Australian comes up to me and asks me to read an advertisement in the newspaper.
        'The print is too small,' he says. 'I can't make out what it says.'
        I try, but I haven't got my reading glasses with me. I apologize to the man.

(You'll have to install a small 3DVIA add-on to view the 3D content)       

        'Oh, that's all right,' he says. 'Do you know something? I think that God suffers from poor eyesight too, not because He's old, but because that's how He wants it to be. That's why, when someone does something wrong, He can always say He couldn't quite see, and so ends up forgiving the person because He doesn't want to commit an injustice.'
        'And what if someone does something good?' I ask.
        'Ah, well,' laughs the Australian, moving off, 'God, of course, never leaves His glasses at home!'

PS: The story comes from "Like the Flowing River" by Paulo Coelho... But I've compiled the 3D content :) had posted it here long time ago and it generated some profound comments and a very good conversation with interesting views... Thought of sharing it 'here' on my blog as well...  (posted on 3DVIA at 08-06-2009:1115)

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