Monday, October 24, 2011

My Cellphone History

A brief history of all the cell-phones I've used in the past... just a glimpse... not an exhaustive review ;) 

Nokia 3310 - My first cell phone courtesy Dad

Ericsson A3618 - Borrowed from a friend and used it for some time since I had to give away previous one to my sis


Moto E365 - The first phone I purchased from 'my paycheck' - had to be a Moto since everyone else 'wanted' a Nokia
E365 didn't last long but my Moto love did - Moto C115
Briefly used younger bro's N-Gage
Dad got 2 of these - Nokia 3100 - my sis used one till recently. I managed to lose mine pretty earlier! But yes, I had this one in pink and loved it!!
Another example of exploring my feminine side - the Panasonic A102! Loved this one very much but my bro took it away!!
Again a 'gift' from Dad - still have this one as a backup. Have been using this one intermittently with the next 2 phones. Most of my rants are on this one's Notes. Built to last - Nokia 6670!!
Love for QWERTY 'forced' me to by this YXTEL 8502 "BB poser" from China. Used for good 2 years. Many people got fooled mistaking it for the real one. Chinese are not bad at making cheap phones that last. But of course you can't expect much on software front.
An intermediate basic phone till I finalize on a good Smartphone. This Samsung E1081 did not disappoint me. Got it dearth cheap for 1100 (now sells at 900 or so). Amazing battery lasts upto 5 days.

My latest acquisition... Moto Fire - Android phone with QWERTY!!

What next???


  1. Looks like you really love qwerty :)))

  2. Hahaha! I still have Nokia 3310 :P

  3. @No.1 Blogger: I do love qwerty layout - of course T9 and regular keypad also works for me but qwerty 'looks' good :)

    @Chintan: I miss the Panasonic A102 & N-Gage more than the Hammer-3310 :D

  4. Really nice one,,,
    i have also used 3310 as my first phone,,
    was really crazy for N-gage but could not own it though :(

    NOKIA communicator series was a real master piece. lucky to owe 9300 communicator,
    will preserve 9300 till my lifetime :)

    1. If you ever want to sell it you know whom to contact - The QWERTY lover :P

  5. Wow! You certainly had a taste of almost all the possible brands here! But it is not surprising, since the industry itself has been churning new models at a very fast rate!