Friday, October 14, 2011


Am I jealous of the guy sitting in front of me, watching one of my favourite movie on his iPhone. Well.. sure I am jealous of him - the Ferrari - Aston Martin opening chase sequence from Golden Eye.. the first Bond movie starring Pierce Brosnon.. one of my favourites..

What can I do but see him enjoy the movie! It is a novel idea to spend time rather killing it while travelling :) But, what happened to the good old books, which were supposed to be the best companions. Bored of the movie, this chap seems to be reading my mind. He takes out a hindi comic and starts reading from it - a hindi?? In my "comic-days" I used to read Champak, Chacha Chowdhari, Tinkle, sometimes Archies.. Now a days, it's restricted to daily dose of Garfield strip.. But nothing much apart from that.. May be watch Kick Buttowski with Saarah (my 3year old daughter).

But a young seemingly "budding software professional" reading a comic-book while travelling is a bit too much for me and that too in hindi. I also happen to read. But, it's usually some popular fiction or a non fiction. Well what can I say - everyone's entitled to read stuff that he or she likes. Coming back to the movie - I can say I too am watching a movie that I perhaps like to enjoy every time I travel by this very convenient train which takes me to my hometown every now and then..

And on countless occasions I've just scrambled around with random words on my faithful Nokia 6670. Describing the scenes that I come across. Sometimes its the bunch of kids sitting next to me (which happens quite often). Or its some incident that takes place before me and brings to my wandering mind a gamut of thoughts.. many a times its the fast moving scenery that intrigues me. But I invariably compare it to my experiences on bike, which is a very different story. Biking is a different ball game - recently came across a group of "freaky" bikers who did 108 days of a cross country trip. I too dream of doing such a "freaking long ride" someday.. and may that day come soon. Those are the 'real' guys I wish I could be.. I'm jealous of them?? Yes of course, jealous to the core of my heart..

God only knows why we mortals are jealous of each other. It's true man cannot do all the things that he wishes. Nor can he have all the things he desires. Yes, there might be people who are having all the things an ordinary person could wish for. But they in turn might be jealous of yet other people. Where does this cycle end?

Many sages have said that it finally would end in one's own self. When you're at peace with yourself then no amount of temptation would bring unhappiness to you thru the route of jealousy.

Just as other people have so many things, you too might posses things that others would envy. Does it mean that if you remove the material things from the equation it'll strike a balance?? Well.. Apparently yes.. deriving the conclusions by our traditional wisdom and thru the knowledge that others preach and swear by.

But do you really think it's possible.. A simple way out would be to give in to your temptations as long as you can afford.. But be sane enough to judge "what will truly bring you happiness?" and "what would be just a transient phase that only makes you feel happy for some time then miserable for longer time afterwards?"

That's too much of wisdom from this dadiwale baba - the one you are mistaking for some spiritual guru. At this point of time I just want to have that iPhone so I'll just talk to that guy and share with him what I've written.. an ice breaker article.. :)


  1. Nice dil se :)
    I personally feel that to some extent emotions like jealousy or temptations are essential for a person's growth and evolution. It keep us aspiring for more, without wich life would be...well boring to say the least. Keep posting!

  2. Thanks Ashutosh for stopping by and taking time to share your thoughts :)

    As long as such 'negative' emotions fuel your ambitions positively - you're doing a good job, in fact a great job. The minute you find them deviating to misery, you should "shoo" them away :D and find happiness within which will last longer...

  3. Positive jealousy is good for encouragement. The will power to control and grow from jealousy, is a whole different and difficult ball game.

    iphone or not, you are a great writer with a nice ice breaking article! Bet y'all would have get along well :)

  4. Agree on that Kiran :)

    Yes, we did have a nice friendly chat afterwards.. and he was a s/w professional ;)

  5. A honest writeup... Enjoyed it... Everybody is jealous... And it is good, as long as you dont let it control you...

  6. Don't you think jealously is necessary to remain competitive in the market? Or in easy words ,to survive in the market.

    1. its not about survival... its about life and what you want to make of it... and how?? do you want to have misery in form of jealousy or are you happy with both "what you have" and "what you don't" :)