Monday, March 7, 2011

Have's and have not's...

The world has always been divided into these 2 categories. The have's and the have not's. The blessed one's and the cursed one's. This is an eternal divide and has always been in existence since the earliest times...

Talking of the fortunate people, one can infer that their lives are better than most others since they have the means. They usually have all the enviable luxuries making their life desirable. Some are born with the silver spoon in their mouths while other carve their way to the top. In either case, it's a widely accepted notion that these are the 'successful' people in their own worlds. Few might even be kings and queens of their tiny fiefdoms. Success and happiness could be bought by the resources they have. This is the outside view, an external perspective, a bird's eye-view... However, the view from within may be completely different... Or it isn't...

What might be luxuries would be bare minimum necessities. Do I flaunt it or I don't even bother? Would they notice or who cares? How does it matter? I want it that way and I'll have it no matter what? Kiss my a*@..

This is one side of the story. The other side may be, i have much more than i need, i should help others. How can i make a positive difference to the less fortunate ones. Will my getting involved in a particular cause yield it any success? These people do think of others.

A few extra pennies in our pocket and we start behaving differently.

Just imagine where would our egos be soaring if we had huge fortunes.

Is this applicable to even them? They too are humans you know... "some things change and some don't" this applies even to humans :)

Coming to the other side of the equation.. Some laws of Mr. Murphy would suggest that 10% of people have 90% of the wealth.. Lets talk about the rest of the people and lest of the wealth :)

This equation might not be fair. Might not equate things. But then life never is fair. This divide is a stark example.

The value of one's life.. Could it be linked to his worth(in material terms)??


  1. The true value of one's life is measured by your connections - to family and friends, not by any measure of wealth. This is not the way it is on the TV, in the movies, or in most books, but it is the way in truth.

    The current focus on the 10% in comparison to the 90% seems to be a do-over of the 20th century. It is almost as though the 10% have realized that they let the middle class get a little too big and a little too close to making a real difference, so now it is time to make sure that everyone knows who is really in control.

    The people rich in money are only really comfortable around other people of their class. They are afraid of making a mistake and falling back into the roiling masses "below" them.

    The people rich in family and friends can be comfortable in many more situations because most of their time is spent with people that they love and not people they are afraid of.

    We have returned to class warfare whether it is denied or not. Human nature does not change very much in 100 years or even in 1000 years. The only thing that does not change is the value of one's family and friends.

  2. Very true Don, family and friends are the most valuable 'wealth' one can have :)

    And yes mankind may have evolved over centuries, but they are still animals albeit more modern, advance version/iterations. Some part of human nature (that we call instincts or sub-conscious self) has remained as it was at the beginning of evolution!

    Thanks for taking time to share your thoughts. I appreciate them a lot. Nice to have a good friend like you :)