Monday, March 7, 2011


Is this word a misnomer? Or does it actually exist?
Is it an illusionary concept? Or is it real and tangible?
Is it a passing phase? Or is it eternal?
Is it really skin deep? Or is it something much deeper from within?
Does it lie in the eyes of beholder? Or is it felt only by the one who is actually beautiful?
Does it need someone's appreciation and approval? Or is independent of observers sanction?
Everyone's point of view might be different on this, just as their idea of what is beautiful.. The idea.. The thought.. The feeling.. The reaction..

It is something which appeals, engages, evoke emotions and feelings which are pleasant and pleasurable. Something that brings joy.

Feeling it takes us to a different plane of thoughts. Thoughts that cannot be described by words.. Which leave us speechless..

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