Thursday, November 3, 2011

Love is a two way street - Is it?

The title sounds interesting, isn't it? It did to me - that's the reason why I'm punching few random words on this post. (Punching words?? doesn't even sound good... "penning" used to be wonderful and it was proper!) 
The title comes from a product/brand promotion contest running at indiblogger - the tag line says "Love is a two way street: Love your hair and it loves you back!" which reminds me of few automobile ads - my favorites 

The last one fits me like a tee :P Have been biking so long that I don't remember hair any longer :) And the helmet doesn't help either in the 'hair'ology lessons. So, if you think this post would give you some gyaan about how to take care of your hair... shoo away... you're already getting wrong advice ;)

Reminds me of another 'quote' from this 'hairy' guy - Life's already so complicated, why complicate it further by using different soaps for bathing and shaving? 

You can see the results for yourself. But then he had E,M,C,2 and = with him! 

Would I want to be like him? I'd love to be - for his simplicity, for his intelligence, for his dedication and of course his hair!  

No, I don't have anything against people who take care of themselves! In fact, I'd love to see my wife take care of herself in a better way. She works too hard to make things happen in our day-to-day life, that it literary drains every bit of energy from her. The daily chores don't give her enough time - cooking, washing, cleaning, our daughter, then there's the other kid (yours truly)! It (the taking care business) should be less time consuming and should not be too expensive - that's the primary requirement - like any other typical consumer! 

And on the other end of spectrum, we have people who spend all their time consuming whatever is thrown at them at any cost! Its an obsession rather than passion! 

Link to original artwork -

It shouldn't be neither obsession nor passion! Nor should it be neglect! And not just hair - it should be your overall well-being. Take care of your body and soul - it is an essential part of life... just as love is... 

I started off with an intention of writing something about 'Love' (not hair) but ended up 'punching' these words. Not really sure if this qualifies as an entry??

Is Love really a two way street? Well yes. It is most of the times - I love my wife and she loves me. I love my daughter and she loves me. Had written a piece on "I Love You" long time back - perhaps should find and post it! It really is an emotion that only human beings are capable of understanding... rather feeling... coz most of us do complain that they don't understand it. Yes, it cannot be understood - it can only be felt. And if you do love someone chances are that the feelings may be mutual. If not you'll be hurt but love nevertheless. And love with all your heart coz that's the only way - there's no loving less or loving more! Its just limitless, unbounded, unending! 

Link original art work -

Well, that's enough of punching... must go to sleep now... Love's really hard to explain!! 


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  3. Very nice post..I loved the end "love is being stupid together". Beautiful and apt images. Enjoyed reading the post.

  4. Hey Abu, in every contest, thr is one post tht stands out ... of course, i hv just gone thru a handful of 'em n of tht lot, the one tht will stand out fr me is this one :)

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    I really like ur conversational way of writing(or as u put it, word punchin ;)).. its somethin' I'm tryin to inculcate into my writin too :)

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