Monday, June 20, 2011


Few years ago, we had a very touching Aamir Khan movie “Rang De Basanti”. Very inspiring and youth oriented. Does it have a cult status or not, is not what we are interested in. But, it certainly had ideas which were “revolutionary”. At the time when it was released, many people were motivated by it and wanted to do something to bring about a change in society, especially the youth. Others merely dismissed it as a typical Aamir Khan “masala” movie. They were the skeptics who believed that the “systems” is old enough and strong enough to be toppled by youth who are inspired by a popular media?  The idea seemed too farfetched at that point of time.

Meanwhile, the same youth was busy discovering a new media – internet more precisely the “social-networking”. The phenomenon called Facebook and Twitter had happened. The skeptics and the “system” dismissed it just as another addiction that youth is indulging into. Of course, the blogosphere had already evolved by this time. Combined with these newer tools or should we say “WMD” :) changed the world that we are now living in.
Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Yemen… are nothing but examples of modern day revolutions. Yes, revolutions. The skeptics are now silenced. Old, robust and ‘untouchable’ “Systems” are undergoing a transformation - triggered by the reactions of youth. The scales of transformation might vary according to the inertia & bulk of the “Systems” - but there is a change, nevertheless, however small it might be. Certain happenings in closer geography and in Indian context are also worth mentioning here. 
People with ideas were always there. But somehow their voice was not reaching to the intended audience. It was being lost in transition. Somewhere down the line the “messenger boy" was not effective.
Now everyone has a media to voice their concerns. Not just bringing it out in public, but also translating them into actions, closing the bridges between likeminded people, flocking them together to transform into a force - noticeable and catalytic - leading to a change.
Very close to our daily ecosystem such initiatives are budding. We all complain about things not being perfect, set aside perfection - they are dysfunctional in the first place - plagued with inefficiency & indifference of the people who matter and desperately need to improve. We, on our part, can be part of this movement and contribute in building a force - which will bring about the change that we are hoping will improve the quality of our day to day life.
Don’t just be a bystander – grow… transform… into the catalyst of change… join and contribute…    

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